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Bloated Belly Fat – If Your Clothes Become Too Tight in the Afternoon, Read This!

If you are reading this you or someone you know suffers from bloated belly fat. You go to work in the morning and your clothes fit you properly, but after lunch they become too tight, if you are lucky you can still fasten them, or just open the top button to make them feel more comfortable.

The two most common caused for bloating in the stomach are over eating and poor digestion.

I will show you in a few minutes a formula which will stop the bloating, purity,detox and help you to lose weigh.

An instant solution to stop bloating, is to stop eating. (But not very practical and skipping meals cause the body to store fat)

Stop eating processed foods, this will help with bloating. The body needs certain vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy digestive system.

The stomach acids will break down these foods, they will continue through the large and then the small intestine, these absorb the nutrients from the food and pass on the waste, for the body to eliminate.

Not emptying your bowel regularly will lead to a build up of toxins in the body. Gas and toxins build up making the stomach bloat. Avoiding processed and eating fresh foods will give your body the minerals it needs to break down and absorb the fuel; we need to survive.

A simple solution to see what foods are making you bloat, cut starch, yeast and sugars from your diet for one month.

Introducing them slowly after 4 week will give you an idea of which foods your body finds it difficult to break down.

Drinking natural juices, plenty of water will hydrate your body and help the waste to move easier.

Alcohol will give you that bloated feeling also, beer drinkers develop beer bellies. Sodas and sugar based drinks will pile on those extra calories.

Cutting down on alcohol and sodas will soon help you to lose weight and reduce bloated belly fat.

Keeping in mind that all of the above solutions will stop bloated fat belly feeling, but they can take time to remedy.

Source by Ray J Grouve

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